• Hands-on product/project leader with solid history in continuously delivering results.
• Experience as a technical project manager and business analyst
• Knowledge of Agile software development principles, practices namely Scrum and Kanban etc. And experience in using connected software tools (Jira, Trello, Confluence)
• Experience working with teams of 30+ people
• Hands-on development and technical lead skills with complex projects in Backend and Mobile app solutions.
– Especially iOS (swift objective C) I have background as native iOS developer
– Also have experience as a php and node.js developer.
– Have knowledge of MongoDB, MySQL, MsSQL and database design, creating UML Diagrams.
– Have a conceptual knowledge about Aws server (cloud systems) and Elastic search as a consultant.

Hi, I am Sandokan Saruhan Köle,
a former software (mobile )developer, IT project manager, product manager, and technology consultant.
I am also a founder – partner of some Startups which builds-run software projects (iOS, Android, Backend Cloud Services, AR Projects, Mobile Games).
I have working experience with the large numbered teams, who are working with-for some large-scale companies (in the sector of technology-industry ) and start-up companies (healthcare, game development).
Usually, I am working as a technical project or product responsible on the projects.

I would especially like to point out that projects which i have worked on for some really important companies in Turkey and for Turkish government.
Some of them are:
1-I work in a department that allows the publication of Mercedes-Benz mobile applications published all over the world, checking that they meet the legal and technical standards required for publication. I am authorized in the management and development of a software tool that automates this process and its project.
2- the Grundig Apps (Connected and TFT- Remote Control Smart Home systems) which have presented at Berlin IFA Technology Fair,
3- and one iPad project (the app makes, placing industrial objects on the plan and calculating the costs by the features selected and the count of objects) and Hotspot web app projects for Tekso.com which have presented at EuroShop 2017

For more:

here is my linkedin

my github

and my instagram