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I am Sandokan Saruhan Köle, a former mobile software developer, IT project manager, technical product manager, and technology consultant with experience in leading large teams in the technology industry.
As a founder and partner of several startups, I have extensive experience in building and running software projects, including iOS and Android development, backend cloud services, AR projects, and mobile games.
My work has included collaborating with large-scale companies in the technology industry, as well as startups in the healthcare and game development sectors.
Throughout my career, I have primarily focused on technical project and product management, ensuring that projects are successfully delivered and meeting the necessary technical requirements.

  • Results-driven hands-on product/project leader with a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes.
  • Extensive experience as a technical project manager and business analyst, skilled in identifying business needs and translating them into technical requirements.
  • Knowledgeable in Agile software development principles and practices, particularly Scrum and Kanban, and experienced in using connected software tools such as Jira, Trello, and Confluence to manage projects effectively.
  • Skilled in fostering a collaborative team environment and working with large teams of 30+ people to achieve project success.
  • Collaborated with large-scale companies in the technology industry, as well as startups in the healthcare and game development sectors.
  • Proficient in hands-on development and technical leadership of complex projects in backend and mobile app solutions, with expertise in native iOS development (Swift, Objective-C), as well as PHP and Node.js development.
  • Experienced in database design and management, with knowledge of various database systems such as MongoDB, MySQL, and MsSQL. Skilled in creating UML diagrams to effectively communicate technical requirements.
  • Conceptually familiar with AWS server and cloud systems, as well as Elastic search, and experienced in providing technical consulting services to clients.


Overall, i have a strong background in both technical project management and hands-on development, with a wide range of technical skills and experience in managing large teams and complex projects.



I have had the privilege of working on projects for prestigious companies in Turkey and the Turkish government. Some notable projects include:

  • Led a department ensuring Mercedes-Benz mobile applications meet global publication standards by developing and managing a software tool for legal and technical compliance.
  • Planned microservices for hyper-casual games and other mobile and cloud projects as CTO, overseeing the entire process from team creation to execution for Coconut Game.
  • Contributed to the creation and development of Grundig Apps, including Connected and TFT-Remote Controlled Smart Home systems, presented at the Berlin IFA Technology Fair.
  • Designed and presented an iPad project for Tekso.com at EuroShop 2017, including a cost calculation feature for industrial objects placement by touch screen. Also led development for Hotspot web app projects.

Best Regards,

Saruhan Sandokan Köle

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